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Before You Start

Before You Start

Here’s a checklist of the information you will need.

IMPORTANT… If the body is not at the hospital morgue DO NOT PROCEED… Call Care Funeral Services – 250-391-9696 to arrange for pickup of the body.

  • Arrange a Cremation yourself Online - CareCremation.caFull Name of the Deceased
  • Gender of the Deceased
  • Date of Death
  • Place of Death
  • Birthdate
  • Place of birth (City, Prov/State, Country)
  • Where they lived
  • Marital status & full name of spouse if they were married
  • What their occupation was & for how long
  • Do they have a pacemaker or a radioactive implant
  • Do they weigh more than 250 lbs.

Our Process

You Will Be Presented With 2 Options

  • Option 1
    • Allows you to upgrade the casket, chose the type of container you want for the ashes & view a selection of keepsakes.
  • Option 2
    • Skip all the the optional caskets, urns etc. and go straight to the Online Cremation Registration Forms.
  • There are video tutorials for each option.
  • Fill out the forms answering all the questions as best you can.
  • Make payment via Visa or MasterCard
  • We will call you within 7 business days to let you know the ashes and the death certificate are ready to be picked up.

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